About Us

In recent years, developing centuries are having an increasing demand of green engineering to fight with the climate change and extremely weather. Switzerland has a long history set up the priority to advance the wide-range of knowledge and technologies to against the industrial and chemical pollution as well as protect the environment. With the high-end innovation capabilities,  Swiss engineers created Switzerland as the most clean and environmental country in the world.

To show the success of Switzerland, Swiss Engineers Hub was launched in 2018 in Zurich, Switzerland. It is operating as a platform for those engineers who work in environmental and sustainable energy sectors from developing countries, that seeking technology and business support from the international  society.

The Hub gathered top experts from Switzerland and other European countries work together with those engineers delivers trustful, economic and practical solutions and trainings to improve their living environment and the quality of life.

Members of the Hub can savor the database connecting qualified engineers, experts and projects, easily and efficiently through the activities to teamwork and share their common thoughts and ideas for business development.

With unique location, the Hub perfectly matches the Corporations from the developing countries to the right business partners from Switzerland, offering the highest standards technologies and expertise to ensure the future successes and excellence for both sides  in globalization expansions.


Our Mission

Creating a better world

Our Vision

Promoting affordable clean technologies for environmental and sustainable development